Formation Flying

Formation Flying

Formation flying is an art and a skill. If it looks easy - it's because those doing it are very good at it!

This course prepares you prior to undertaking formation flying training. Whilst Formation Flying is not a recognised rating that can be added to your licence, it is a regulated activity within the display flying world.

Even the Red Arrows pilots had to start somewhere - and this is your starting point into this fantastic skillful world.

A word of warning though: Do not try to learn formation flying via the self-improver route - it will end in disaster. Also - do all of your formation training with formation experienced instructors (who will more than likely also be display pilots) to ensure you are trained correctly in your flying training to support this theoretical knowledge course on basic formation flying.

To prove you have completed the course, after you have successfully passed our on-line exam, you will be issued with a Course Completion Certificate.

Course Information

Name:Formation Flying
Type:Advanced Courses
Information:Advanced training outside of the scope of official ratings or differences; purchase enables on-line access for one month unless part of a starter kit.
Audience:Student Pilots, Licensed Pilots
Licences:PPL(A), LAPL(A), NPPL(A), NPPL(M), CPL(A)

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Formation Flying

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